Re: [fluka-discuss]: 3D exported data doesn't match correct binning

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Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2020 15:33:03 +0100 (CET)

Dear Tamer,
sorry for the late reply!

Usbrea gives the correct number of values/bins.
As you correctly wrote, in your test input you have 5 bins for each
dimension, which you set in the USRBIN card.
The first bin is between -2.5 cm and -1.5 cm,
the second bin is between -1.5 cm and -0.5 cm,
and so on...
That means, in 3D, 125 bins in total.
This is what is written by usbrea.f: the scored quantity within each

For internal reasons, during the export process through flair,
a DUMMY bin with zero dimension and content equal to the last "real" bin
is added at the end.
You can see this by comparing the values in the last column in the 5th and
6th lines in the following example:

-2.5000000000E+00 -2.5000000000E+00 1.71065E-05 2.61106E+01
-2.5000000000E+00 -1.5000000000E+00 1.03111E-04 1.61365E+01
-2.5000000000E+00 -5.0000000000E-01 1.76291E-04 8.96728E+00
-2.5000000000E+00 5.0000000000E-01 1.28494E-04 1.30532E+01
-2.5000000000E+00 1.5000000000E+00 2.17110E-05 1.90998E+01
-2.5000000000E+00 2.5000000000E+00 2.17110E-05 1.90998E+01

I hope this explains the observed differences between the files created
with usbrea and with the plotting function in flair.
In both cases the "real" number of bins is 5 for each direction,
in accordance with the USRBIN card.

Best regards

On Fri, 13 Mar 2020, Tamer Tolba wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am scouring energy using USRBIN card, according to the following steps (copied from 3D data file exported
> with usbrea):
>      Cartesian binning n.   1  "Edep_Core " , generalized particle n.  208
>       X coordinate: from -2.0000E+02 to  2.0000E+02 cm,   200 bins ( 2.0000E+00 cm wide)
>       Y coordinate: from -2.0000E+02 to  2.0000E+02 cm,   200 bins ( 2.0000E+00 cm wide)
>       Z coordinate: from  3.0000E+03 to  3.3200E+03 cm,   160 bins ( 2.0000E+00 cm wide)
>       Data follow in a matrix A(ix,iy,iz), format (1(5x,1p,10(1x,e11.4)))
> I realized that for 3D data exporting via usbrea, I got 6,400,000 data points, which theoretically comes
> from 200*200*160 bins! However, this is not correct because from x (and y) coordinates that starts at x(y)=
> -200 to x(y)=200 (with 2 cm wide) I should have 201 bins not 200 bins! The same applies for the z coordinate
> I should have, for z=3000 to z=3320 (2 cm wide), 161 bins not 160. So, in total I should have 201*201*161=
> 6,504,561 data points!
> Since the 2D data exportation (via 2D *plot.dat) is the only way that fuka exports
> "coordinates+data_values", I decided to use it to check its results! For a big surprise I found that at
> fixed z (e.g. z=3000) I got, from the *plot.dat file 40,401 data points for the same x(y) range, i.e. x(y)=
> -200 to x(y)= 200 (with 2 cm wide), which indicates that it follows the correct binning of 201*201 (not
> 200*200).
> Why the 3D exportation produces less data points than the actual binning? Or I miss something here?
> Regards,
> Tamer
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