[fluka-discuss]: Problem about Magnetic Field routine

From: Jilberto Antonio Zamora Saá <jzamorasaa_at_jinr.ru>
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 2020 05:01:35 -0400

Dear fluka expert

I'm trying to simulate the Au ions beam impinging a region called
Target. I'm interested in scoring the energy deposited both regions:
TARGET and CALO, by means of eventbin card.

Both regions contain a Magnetic field which is already defined in a
MagFied.f file. Once I ran the simulation (compile the ldpmqmd library
and compile MagFied.f file ) I did a plot "CALO vs TARGET" energy
deposited. The result considering the Magnetic Field are almost the same
when I ran the simulation without it. On the contrary, I would expect
that the energy in TARGET increase due to the Pions should be trapped by
the Magnetic field and rotate around z-axis (due to Lorentz force) and
the be absorbed in Target.

I would appreciate your help and comments about my Magnetic Field
routine or about my physics-reasoning.

All the files are attached.

Thank in advance.


  Dr. Jilberto Zamora Saa
  Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems
  Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
  141980 Dubna, Moscow region, Russia
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  email: jzamorasaa_at_jinr.ru

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