[fluka-discuss]: Major new FLUKA release fluka2021.2 is out

From: Paola Sala <paola.sala_at_mi.infn.it>
Date: Tue, 18 May 2021 20:28:26 +0200

Dear FLUKA users

Fluka-2021.2 is now available on the official Fluka web site

This is a revolutionary rather than evolutionary major release with plenty
of additions/improvements both from the physics and technical side.

New features are shortly listed below, and described in more detail in
the release notes (attached to this message), and in the manual.

Some of the features ** require modifications of the users routines **
please read carefully if you have any.

If you are using the tar files rather than the rpm's, please
** note that you have to download two files ** since all data
libraries, which are common to all compilers/architectures are now
provided in a separate file (see the README file and the list below)


- Pointwise transport of low energy neutrons with correlated
   interactions is now available. A separate data file has to be
   downloaded (see README)

- Runge-Kutta based transport in electric fields is implemented for
   vacuum and gas regions

- Optional Runge-Kutta based transport in magnetic field in vacuum
   and gas regions (always active when noth magnetic and electric
   fields are present)

- New physics model for coherent elastic scattering of hadrons on nuclei

- New treatment for quasi-elastic scattering of hadrons on nuclei

- Transport and in-flight decay of excited residual nuclei

- Improved nuclear mass/decay/deexcitation  database

- Revised hadron-nucleus interaction cross sections

- Revised cross sections for proton - light ion interactions

- Non monochromatic scintillation light emission and transport

- Delta resonance decay in photon+nucleon


- magfld.f has one more argument: time

- source.f variables related to in-flight transport have to be

- mgdraw.f entry USDRAW: pay attention to quasielastic, flags
   available (see below)

- mgdraw.f entry USDRAW:  new interaction code for ion splitting events

- new routines for non-monochromatic scintillation light (see manual)

Please always refer to the updated templates in the usermvax

Given the amount and the importance of the new features, some quirks
can be expected despite most of them are in extensive testing since
several months within the FLUKA Collaboration. Please report any problem
to fluka-discuss_at_fluka.org as usual.

Given the amount of changes and the related need for adapting, the latest
respin of Fluka2020.0, fluka2020.0.10, will be still available and its
support assured for a few weeks.

The FLUKA Authors and all their collaborators
wish you a pleasant experience with the new release!

Warning: if you see this message in the *1ST* cycle  of a series, don't

!!!!!!!!!! Seed file not accepted: or corrupted or main seed not matching
the requested one !!!!!!!!!!

It is immaterial, it simply tells you that the initial seed has to be
created from scratch because the default one does not match what you asked
for in the RANDOMIZ card

If you see it in the 2nd, 3rd cycle..then DO worry!

Available files:


     fluka-2021.2-0.x86_64.rpm                 (Linux, gfortran-10.3, 64
     fluka-2021.2-0.i686.rpm                   (Linux, g77, 32 and 64 bit)

   Tar files:

     fluka2021.2-data.tar.gz                   (Data, required by all other
                                                tar files)
     fluka2021.2-linux-gfor64bitAA.tar.gz      (Linux, gfortran-10.3, 64
     fluka2021.2-linux-gfor64bit-9.3-AA.tar.gz (Linux, gfortran-9.3,  64
     fluka2021.2-linux-gfor64bit-8.4-AA.tar.gz (Linux, gfortran-8.4,  64
     fluka2021.2-linuxAA.tar.gz                (Linux, g77, 32 and 64 bit)
     fluka2021.2-mac-gfor64bit-10.2-AA.tar.gz  (Mac  , gfortran-10.2, 64
     fluka2021.2-mac-gfor64bit-9.3-AA.tar.gz   (Mac  , gfortran-9.3,  64
     fluka2021.2-mac-gfor64bit-8.4-AA.tar.gz   (Mac  , gfortran-8.4,  64

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