[fluka-discuss]: problem with MAGFLD routine in new FLUKA release

From: Lev Shekhtman <lshekhtm_at_mail.cern.ch>
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2021 08:54:08 +0100

Dear FLUKA experts, I got a problem with new FLUKA release. My MAGFLD
routine does not work any more. The old and new versions of MAGFLD are
attached to this mail. The old version was working properly with 2018,
2019 and 2020 releases. In the last release there are the following lines

       BTX = UMGFLD
       BTY = VMGFLD
       BTZ = WMGFLD
       B = BIFUNI

that overwrite my field. If I remove them I get the following error:

Abort called from MAGNEW reason U/V/WMGCUR UNNORMALIZED !! Run stopped!

The same I get if I put my code after these lines.
Please help.

With best regards, Lev Shekhtman.

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