special beams in FLUKA

From: Fernandez-Hernando, JL \(Juan\) <juan.fernandez-hernando_at_stfc.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 14:53:49 -0000

Dear all,
I want to perform a few simulations with special beams and I was wondering
if perhaps someone has already done this before and modified her/his
source routine in a very similar way than I would need to.
In one of the simulations I would like to have a beam made of
concentric rings. Each ring has a different particle density.
In another simulation I want to be able to have two different
beams of different particles in the same run. And I also wonder
if it is possible to have ellipsoidal rings instead of circular ones.
If anyone has already made source routines to achieve what I describe
above I would be really grateful if they would allow me to use them.
Otherwise I bet I will send more emails to this group asking for clues
on how to do what I intend to. I am also trying to make sense of the
'how to modify the source routine' lecture.
Thanks for your time,
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