RE: How to export the fluka geometry from the SimpleGeo into Ansys

From: Chris Theis <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 15:00:36 +0200

Dear Hantao,

this issue has come up several times and I will add a respective section
in SimpleGeo's manual. Until then you can do the following:

In general popular FEM codes like ANSYS or COMSOL Multiphysics allow for
importing CAD models. Thus, I would recommend to exploit SimpleGeo's
possibility to convert a FLUKA geometry into such a CAD model which can
be exported in various formats like:

Wavefront OBJ, 3DStudio 3DS, STL, Virtual reality VRML, Autocad DXF, PLY

You simply need to select the "File -> Export -> 3D objects" menu option
and choose a format. All objects which are currently visible will be
converted and exported in the respective format. Please note that hidden
regions will be discarded which might be useful in your case! In
addition I'd like to remind you that the CAD file will represent a
surface model of the geometry. This means that round shapes like
cylinders will be approximated by planar surfaces. If you want to fine
tune the accuracy of the approximation you can increase the number of
faces that is used globally for curved surfaces by selecting the menu
item "Macros -> Predefined scripts -> Detail" in SimpleGeo. In case you
want to do this only for individual bodies you can do it by setting the
number of faces in the "Properties" for the respective body.

In general I'd recommend to try the STL format first as most finite
element codes support this CAD format and its use with FEM codes has
shown to be pretty robust. Still, you should be aware that with any
geometry format which is not native for the finite-element code you
might need some fine-tuning in the mesh generator of ANSYS as the
accuracy and convergence of the FEM solution depends on the type &
quality of the meshing of your geometry.

Hope that helps

Chris Theis
CERN/DG-SC - European Organization for Nuclear Research
1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland
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> Dear fluka experts,
> After I obtain the energy deposition from the FLUKA, I want to
> carry
> out the thermal and mechanical analysis by Ansys software. How can I
> transform the fluka geometry structure from the SimpleGeo to Ansys
> structure? There are any interface or methods to avoid to make the
> geometry in two software environments repeatedly?
> Thank you very much!
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