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Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 00:12:27 +0200 (CEST)

  Dear Paola,
  thank you so much for your help. I've re-downloaded the flugg package
  (and the 32 bit clhep) and recompiled it. Now the executables of the
  examples in fluggEx are correctly produced, but my example still doesn't
  work (I'm not a c++ programmer, but I'm working on).
  At the first try, the gmake command failed because LibG4csg in
  $G4INSTALL/lib was skipped as incompatible.
  The command "file" indicated that was 64 bit ELF class.
  This seemed to me a little strange, because the Install script copy all
  needed Geant4 parts in FLUGG installation and then the command make in
  source dir should produce all libs in $FLUGGINSTALL/lib, but I actually
  don't have any lib directory under FLUGG. Moreover, at every make command
  in FLUGG/source directory, is overwritten in $G4INSTALL/lib
  and liblist fail to determine the correct linking list, so geant stop to
  To fix the compilation error, I recompiled geant4 with -m32 flag (I
  searched in your scripts and added it in the corresponding geant4
  scripts), and now the executable for each example is produced in
  $G4WORKDIR/bin/Linux-g++ directory (not in $FLUGGINSTALL/bin/Linux-g++
  as said in the guide).
  So FLUGG is working but not as I expected. Am I doing something wrong?
  Thanks for any suggestion.

  Michele Fabi.

On Thu, 16 Apr 2009, Paola Sala wrote:

> Hi
> first of all.. re-download the FLUGG tar file, I missed a correction in
> the last version, sorry. Now all the relevant scripts have the "-m32" flag
> in. The CLHEP must also be compiled in 32-bit mode, they are available on
> the CLHEp web site. I used clhep- and it
> worked.
> Please make clean before trying again, and let me know if you have problems
> Paola
>> Dear fluka users,
>> I'm trying to get confidence with FLUGG, in order to run some Geant4
>> geometries on fluka.
>> I'm trying to compile FLUGG 2007_3 on scientific linux 5.0 x86_64 (with
>> Geant 4.9.0 p.02, clhep and Fluka 2008). After the Configure
>> command I linked the flugg script in my .bashrc
>> (a renamed .bashrc and are in attach).
>> I ran the Install script (see output file inst). Then in the source
>> directory I ran both gmake (output file gmk) and gmake global (output
>> file gmkglb) command, but some error occurred.
>> If I've correctly understood, all errors are relative to some missing
>> files in lib/Linux-g++ in my geant installation, such as
>>,,, etc., but the
>> geant4 building process terminate without errors, so they probably are
>> not critical. Now, if I try to compile a simple example in emptyEx
>> directory a new error comes out. The gmake output (gmkmy in attach)
>> say that MyExDetectorConstruction.o is incompatible with my x86_64
>> architecture. How can I force the 32 bit compatibility of mainFLUGG?
>> Thanks a lot.
>> Michele Fabi.
> Paola Sala
> INFN Milano
> tel. Milano +39-0250317374
> tel. CERN +41-227679148
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