Re:I can't obtain data process USRBIN,USRTRACK,RESNUCLEI ,USRYIELD

From: <>
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2009 11:39:30 +0000

Dear Andrea,
tanks to your answer my problem.
I type make command but I take an error msg ''nothing all make''
And then I realized that terminal should be as following

$FLUPRO = /home/user/flupro
in Fluka Manual page 25

But my terminal is following

$FLUPRO = /home/user/fluka
That is instead of flupro, fluka (directory name) in my terminal.
What can I solve this problem?
Best Regards.

 Dr. Turgay KORKUT
Received on Tue Sep 08 2009 - 18:44:55 CEST

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