Re: Fluka for internal dosimetry

From: Francesco Cerutti <>
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 17:16:39 +0200

Dear Ernesto,

> 1. Is it possible to choose the radioisotope from a list (for example
> the periodic table) and to define it as a "source", or any emitted
> radiation (beta, gamma, ...) must be separately inserted as primary
> particles to be tracked?

in fact you can input as primary particle a radioisotope and let it decay
by switching on the decay treatment through the RADDECAY card. You can
define its production rate over a given time interval through IRRPROFIle
and have a look at the quantities of your interest at any time -
predefined through DCYTIMES - , by linking the respective scoring
detectors to a given 'cooling' time through DCYSCORE.
Quoting from the manual (BEAM card):
"For (radioactive) isotopes, use the name ISOTOPE and specify further the
isotope properties by means of option HI-PROPErt.
In this case WHAT(1) and WHAT(2) are meaningless. If no radioactive
isotope evolution or decay is requested, or if a stable isotope is input,
nothing will occur, and no particle will be transported."

> 2. How to simulate an homogeneous distribution of radionuclides in a
> volume? Is it possible to use BEAM and BEAMPOS cards, or is it necessary
> to implement a user SOURCE code?

For a homogeneous distribution over a volume, you need to go through the
source user routine.

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