Re: activity analysis

From: Nicholas Bolibruch <>
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 16:14:13 -0600

Hi Vadim,

You will most likely benefit from using Flair.

In Flair's file browser, if you double-click on the output file, it will
categorize the output with a structure tree, but that will not tell you
anything else besides what is inside the file already.

There are also multiple output files depending on your input cards. If
you have used any of the USRBDX or USRBIN cards in your input then
depending on the output stream you have chosen - you will have those
files as well.

I find myself using Flair for structuring my input, compiling Fluka, and
quickly overviewing my results. I then copy-and-paste ascii output
files for USRBDX into a custom spreadsheet which uses OFFSET commands to
parse the data, and convert it into outputs like - photons/energy
bin/steradian bin.

However, Flair can accomplish a lot on it's own, and will let you make
use of data processing tools that can easily average results from
several cycles. I also use the DaVis3d plugin for SimpleGeo to overlay
USRBIN results onto my model, and sometimes the PipsiCAD plugin to
verify the overall particle transport.

In general, for Fluka I use Flair, SimpleGeo with DaVis3d and PipsiCAD
plugins, and some custom spreadsheets.

There are other tools available at:
<> , most of them do not
seem to have the same level of features as Flair.

I am new to using Fluka myself (started in middle of January), but
hopefully that answers your question.


Nick Bolibruch

On 26/03/2010 5:44 PM, Moskvin, Vadim P wrote:
> Dear Collegues,
> Let's say I have FLUKA output file with the activity. Is it any software
> that can "digest" the file and help with the activity analysis?
> Best wishes
> Vadim
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