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From: Giuseppe Battistoni <>
Date: Fri, 07 May 2010 15:40:02 +0200

Dear Mojdeh
lfluka, lflukac, etc, are all scripts, written in the unix bash shell
language, designed to
build a FLUKA executable, linking to different libraries.
They stay in the $FLUPRO/flutil directory, and, being ascii files, you
can easily
inspect them (of course in order to understand them you need to know
the bash shell).
Be careful not to modify these scripts, otherwise you can damage your
FLUKA installation.


mojdeh najm wrote:
> Dear Fluka Developers and Experts
> I read Fluka manual and found that for heavy ions like carbon, iron,.. I
> must link my project to ldpmqmd. I 'm going to use Flair and so I don't
> need to write in terminal environment but I want to ask that:
> 1)If I set Heavy ion default, does Flair GUI do this linking to "ldpmqmd"
> automatically?
> 2) There are some links in =93compile=94 part of flair in process section
> like "lfluka" , "lflukac", "ldpmqmd" , "ldpm2qmd" ,..,. I want =
> to know what are them and what are differences between?
> I offer my thanks to guide me.
> Best regards
> Mojdeh Anjom
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