Usrbin ASC Output

From: Peter <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2010 16:35:00 -0700

Dear Fluka Experts

I am trying to write a script to interpret the Usrbin ASCII cartesian
output and am having trouble understanding the format used. Do the
values in the file refer to the average value in a volume centered on
the binning point?

ie: if binning in x from -10 to 10 with 20 bins, would I expect the
first value to refer to a volume centred at x = -9.5?

I having written a script assuming this is the case, but it seems to
get the geometry wrong (I have alternating regions of 1mm and 2mm
thickness and they seem to be swapped in the image). I notice that
Flair uses the command pm3d explicit corners2color c1 when plotting,
suggesting that perhaps my interpretation of the data format is wrong?


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