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From: Mary Chin <>
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2011 10:49:56 +0200

Hello Mir.

You may intercept entry USDRAW in usermvax/mgdraw.f, apply the LTRACK.EQ.1
filter for primaries, and access IBRES and ICRES.

Here is the line from common TRACKR where LTRACK is defined:
flukapro/(TRACKR):* Ltrack = flag recording the generation number

Here are the two lines from the common RESNUC where IBRES and ICRES are
flukapro/(RESNUC):* Icres = residual nucleus atomic number
flukapro/(RESNUC):* Ibres = residual nucleus mass number

:) mary

On Thu, 7 Jul 2011, mir inamul haq jeri wrote:

> Hello,
> I am interested in resnuclei values of some isotopes of silver like
> Ag-114.I have already obtained the results of simulation hovever i think
> that these values are a result of all the interactions(inelastic) due to
> all the particles leading to the formation of above mentioned isotope.
> 1. I am however interested in the yields resulting only from primary
> beam(Protons) beacuse of the fission in the material.hence i was
> looking into the .out file for fission summary details and i came across
> following lines
> "number of high energy fissions generated per beam particle:"
> prompt radiation radioactive decay
> 5.####(100%) 0.000(100%)
> 3.####(0.1%) 0.00(0.0%) generated by 4-helium
> ............... generated by 3-helium
> ..............
> and so on
> Since there are fissions due to other particles which will contribute to
> the yield of Ag_114 and i dont want this contribution.
> how accurate will it be to decrease the resnuclei values of Ag-114 by a
> factor of fissions contributed by other paricles other than proton.
> O it would be better if anyone can suggest how to obtain resnuclei
> values only due to primary beam
> I will be highly obliged for any answers regarding this matter.
> Thank you
> --
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