Re: problem with scoring at a given cooling time, using IRRPROFI

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Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2011 14:06:28 -0400 (EDT)

From: "George Kharashvili" <>
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Dear Francesca,

I think time intervals assigned by DCYTIMES starts from the last NONZERO
irradiation interval defined by IRRPROFI. So, if your second IRRPROFI
interval is 1 proton instead of 0 you should get the same results in both
examples. However, there was another potential problem with your input
files: when filtering a scoring card using AUXSCORE, even though default
is filtering by all particles according to the manual, I found that
actually indicating 201.0 (ALL-PART) made difference.
I hope this helps.


> Dear FLUKA experts,
> I am trying to use an irradiation profile with two irradiations and a
> cooling time in between, but I do not get the expected results. To learn
> about it, I have now set up two input files which in my understanding
> should give the same result:
> - One has an irradiation followed by a 100 days long "0 particles in beam
> irradiation" in the IRRPROFI card. I then score at time 0 after the end of
> the second irradiation
> - The other one has just an irradiation defined in the IRRPROFI card, and
> I score 100 days after its end.
> I expect the two to give me the same results, but they don't. Am I
> misunderstanding something in the way I should use the irradiation
> profiles and decay times fro scoring in FLUKA?
> Cards attached
> Best regards, and many thanks for any help
> Francesca
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