Re: energy deposition on the target graphene&stainles steel

From: Vittorio Boccone <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 22:05:20 +0200

Dear Arikan,.
    graphene is matter of fact an 2D lattice of carbon atoms and you are
using 1 layer - which is about 1.42 e-8 cm -> 0.142 nm - while the SS
has a thickness of 0.1 cm. Between them there are 7 orders of magnitude.

Q1: I miss the relation between the energy deposition and the strenght
of the material... Your energy deposition (we are talking about total
energy, not energy density) will be always be dominated by the stainless
steel, simply beacuse you have about 10^7 times more atoms in your total
SS mass than the total carbon atoms from the Graphene. I don't think
there is a mistake in your input file, that's just physics. I'm also not
sure which is the physical meaning of calculating the energy deposition
on the graphene layer, probably you are more familiar about the solid
state physics than what I am, but I would expect you to look for lattice
defect creation and therefore scoring for DPA, NIEL etc...

Q2: from the manual MAT-PROP page, Note3: The physical density used to
calculate the density effect on the stopping power will be RhoR*Rho,
where Rho is (defined by the MATERIAL card) is the transport effective
density and RhoR is a scaling coefficient (WAHT[2] of MAT-PROP). By the
way, why did you placed 200?

Q3: Macroscopically Graphene is carbon (and that's what FLUKA gives).
Microscopically - as it's a mono-layer - it will depends on where the
particle is impinging in respect to carbon atoms lattice and FLUKA can't
do this type of calculation (yet?).


On 13/06/2012 10:47, Ertan Arikan wrote:
> Dear fluka experts,
> I want to calculate the energy deposition on the target which consists of steel (thickness of 0.1cm) and graphene (thickness of
> 1.42E-8cm).
> the target geometry has steel+graphene+steel+graphene+....
> I attached my input and figures of energy deposition on the target (only ss, only graphene and full target)
> Q1;
> Altough the graphene is stronger than steel (200 times) why the energy deposition on the graphene is lower than SS.
> is there a mistake in my input?
> Q2;
> What is the RHOR factor (WHAT2 on MATPROP Card)for graphene
> Q3;
> What is the dE/dx (WHAT5 on MATERIAL card) for graphene
> could you help me please
> Best regards
> Ertan Arikan

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