Deviations of flux caculation results by FLUKA and MCNP

From: walker <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2013 15:38:11 +0800

Dear all,

Recently, I was trying to calculate flux distribution of a model via FLUKA
and MCNP respectively (in order to verify the correctness of my result).

The model was made up of over 100 regions and the materials included : C, V
, Cr, Mn, Fe, Ta, W, H, He, Li, Pb, Ni, etc.

About 50 regions' fluxes were scored.

I tried several ways to decrease the relative error. For example, the same
volume values were input into FLUKA and MCNP for flux calculation; the
primary particles were increased from 1.0e6 to 1.0e7 to 1.0e8; the
selfshielded material in FLUKA was also chosen.

However, the FLUKA and MCNP results seemed not to match ideally: about 25
regions had deviation less than 1%; about 20 ones had deviation between 1%
and 2 %; most of the left ones had deviation beside 10% with the max
deviation 19%. Both the max statistical discrepancies of FLUKA and MCNP are
no bigger than 1%.

I' m wondering if my calculation result is correct. What's the reasonable
flux deviation of FLUKA and MCNP? How about 10%?

Looking forward to any suggestion.

Best wishes

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