Thermal Neutrons Detection Via PPAC FLUKA code

From: 파르자나아호마드 <>
Date: Wed, 01 May 2013 16:02:26 +0900

Dear Fluka Experts and Prof. Dr. "Alberto Fasso,



Thank you very much for your response to our question regarding the thermal neutrons detection via PPAC detector.


Upon receiving your following suggestions:


As a default, charged fragments produced by thermal neutrons are not 
transported: that is why you "see" them at the gas-gap where they are 
produced, but not at the PPAC's gas gap. But for 6-Li it is possible to 
make an exception by requesting pointwise cross sections: use LOW-NEUT 
command with WHAT(6) = 1. (Leave all other WHATs = 0). 
In this way, 3-H and 4-He will be transported and will be detected far from the production point.



We employed them into out Fluka input file(attached), and tried. However we could not still found the 3-H and 4-He, secondaries at the gas gaps.


Could you please have a look into our attached files.



With best wishes, 

 Dr. M. Jamil and Kim Hyun Gee 
 Konkuk University, 

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