plotting of neutron fluence in flair

From: Kristian Ytre-Hauge <>
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2013 13:15:04 +0200

Dear Fluka experts,

When scoring neutrons with USRTRACK I believe the output in the tab.lis file
is given in the units

[neut. cm-2 GeV-1 primary-1]

Plotting neutron fluence in flair has previously been discussed here and
from the discussion I found these statements:

To plot normal fluence like a histogram choose:

X:Low [xl]

Y:Y (with steps)

To plot isolethargic fluence as histogram (logarithmic x-axis):

X = Low [xl]

Y = Y*<Xgeo> (with steps)

My questions are:

1) What are the advantages of an isolethargic plot, and when should it be

2) What are the proper units on the Y-axis for such a plot? In the flair
tutorial (<quick start guide>) The fluence is given as: (dn/dlnE). If
someone could explain how we arrive at these units it would be much

Best regards,

Kristian Ytre-Hauge
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