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Dear Vasilis

Thank you very much for your email and tips with regards 3D plots.
I read your email thoroughly and tested some things out over the weekend.

At first I still wasn't able to produce the plots as expected.
However, today I believe I have discovered my problem. The geometry I was given to input was using a left-handed co-ordinate basis, and it appears that FLUKA/Flair works in a right-handed co-ordinate basis. This would explain why one of my axes would be swapped, and is something simple for me to correct.

Thank you once again for your help.


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Hi Hayley,

I don't fully understand what do you mean. In general viewing 2D slices of 3D depends a lot from where you look.
For example you can look an object from the top or from the bottom, then the X axis will appear swapped.
This is the same if you look the plot towards Z or when Z points towards you.

In the Geometry Editor you can orbit the viewport to achieve the desired viewing angle Either click the Orbit button (on the toolbar), or from the menu Tool->Orbit,
or faster and more convenient with Control-Middle mouse button
or shortcut 't'

Navigating in 3D is always complicated, look the help on navigation of the viewports in the flair manual.

I am attaching two images from the front/back of your geometry, please note the axes orientation at the "bottom-left" corner of the images.
In your 2D X-Z slice Y is towards the screen, is like looking from below wrt to the images I've send you.

1. you can add perspective, edge detection and a bit of Xray on your 3D layer to make it look nicer 2. on the top-right corner there is an interpretation on which side you are looking Top, Left, Bottom, with the convention
    Z->beam and horizontal, X->horizontal and Y->Upward

BTW the discussion you were pointing was to plot USRBIN the traditional way with the standard toolchain of FLUKA.


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Dear All
I am puzzled when using the Geometry Editor in Flair.
I have created my geometry (see primaries.inp) and it all looks correct when I inspect the 2D slices (see xz_geometry_y2.png for an example).

However, when I try to create a 3D image of this geometry, suitable for a report, I encounter some behaviour that I have not been able to explain.
In the 3D view the x-axis appears swapped (see 3Dgeoemetry_strange.png) Also I can pan around, and move the regions without the axes changing. This seems counter-intuitive to me.
I have tried researching various reasons for this, specifically these previous threads:
But I am not sure this is exactly the same problem.
I have tried changing the basis, toggling -u and -v, and setting u to (-1,0,0) amongst many other things, and have read the flair manual for the geometry editor, however none of these have solved the problem of the switch in x axis orientation for the 3D plot.
Especially since everything seemed correct in the 2D slices I was surprised to see the x-axis swap in the 3D plot.
Are you able to offer any further advice as to why this may be the case? Or offer a potential solution?
(For now I have just assumed that the 2D slice geometry to be correct and exported the 3D image to .png and flipped horizontally in another piece of software - but this is not a satisfactory solution for me since the axes then do not display correctly, and I would be concerned about the effect of overlaying USRBIN results etc...)
Many thanks in advance for any assistance you can give

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