[fluka-discuss]: LOW-NEUT option - info on residual nuclei

From: Chris Theis <Christian.Theis_at_cern.ch>
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2014 18:42:47 +0000

Dear all,

in order to analyze some results more thoroughly we were trying to obtain detailed infos on the low energy neutron cross-sections which FLUKA uses for the calculation of residual nuclei. According to the manual the LOW-NEUT card (WHAT(4) = 4.0) should provide more information but the output is somewhat unclear to me and I did not find any info in the manual.

For each group the produced residual nuclei is printed + a probability (?). However, the meaning of this probability is unclear to me or how it relates to a cross-section in barn, which is what I'm actually interested in. For example for Carbon one can find in group 58 a probability of 1.0 for the production of C-13 and a probability of 1.0 for the production of C-14:

 Group: 58 A Z Prob
              13 6 1.00E+00
              14 6 1.00E+00

I would appreciate if somebody could explain the meaning of these "prob" values or point me to the relevant section in the manual.

Thanks a lot
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