Re: [fluka-discuss]: How to use EMFCUT card?

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Dear Chen Yuan,

I believe this question was discussed here:

Alberto Fasso' wrote the following:
"For electrons, it is not possible to have a production
threshold higher than the transport threshold: when this happens, the
program modifies the transport threshold making it equal to the production


 - George

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Subject: [fluka-discuss]: How to use EMFCUT card?

Dear Fluka user,

I'm very confused about the use of EMFCUT card.When I set this card like this

"EMFCUT -0.0001 0.000001 target0 target1
EMFCUT -0.0005 0.000001 CARBON CARBON PROD-CUT", the material of target0 and target1 is both carbon. it seems the electron transport energy cutoff doesn't work.The result is up to energy threshold for electron production. Why? How to understand energy threshold for electron production? How to understand the electron transport energy cutoff ?

Thanks for any suggestion.If you could give me a reply in detail,I will be very grateful for you.

Best Regards

Chen Yuan

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Subject: Re: [fluka-discuss]: How could I limit proton energy the detector receive when I use usrbin recording protons fluence?

Hi Chen Yuan,
I'm confused by your input file. The kinetic energy of the primary protons in your beam card is 44 MeV not 100 MeV.
Just to make sure that I understand your problem: you are sending a flat beam of the exact dimension dimension of your target/object on it and you score the fluence with a usrbin which is covering only a part of it.

I don't understand what you mean when you say that you can set the detector thickness in the usrbin card.
What I see is that you are changing the thickness of the USRBIN scoring protons, there's no material there only vacuum (by the way back there you will not have only protons...)

Answering to question 1) I Would suggest you to place there a usrbdx or a usrtrack rather than a usrbin (depending on what exactly you need). Create a region for which you have a transition. Both cards have the possibility of choosing the energy range of the scoring.

For Question n.2. Yes if there would be a detector there. But there's just vacuum and you are not scoring any energy...


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Hi everyone,

In my input file,I set DEFAULTS=PRECISIO, and I have a USRBIN detector which is been used to record protons fluence(the primary proton energy is 100 MeV).The attachment is my input file.Here are my problems.
(1)According to my input file,the proton energy I record is from 0.1 MeV to 100 MeV.But,I think the minimum energy(0.1 MeV) is too low.How could I increase the minimum energy? In a word,I want to get protons fluence which proton energy is limited from 10 MeV to 100 MeV.
(2)By the way,you know,we can set the detector thickness in the usrbin card.Is there any link between the detector thickness and the proton energy I record?
Thanks for any suggestion.

Best Regards
Chen Yuan
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