[fluka-discuss]: RE: minimum irradiation time in IRRPROFI card?

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Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2014 08:17:32 -0700

Hi Tristan,

indeed I answered your question: see

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I wondered if someone had replied to this question and I missed it in my email, havnít seen anything but the email system was playing up last week.


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Subject: minimum irradiation time in IRRPROFI card?

Dear FLUKA experts,

I would like to work out the residual activity in a target following a single proton beam pulse that lasts of order of microseconds.

Can you tell me what the minimum accepted irradiation time in the IRRPROFI card is? I seem to have trouble getting a solution with irradiation times less than 1 second. Is it reasonable to assume my pulse lasted one second as long as I apply the right total number of protons in the pulse or would this be inaccurate?

Many Thanks


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