RE: [fluka-discuss]: Energy deposited: AUXSCORE vs SCORE

From: Fasso, Alberto <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2014 02:34:40 -0700

The slide 23 Roberto was referring to is in:

It says:
SCORE scores energy deposited (or star density) in each region
[table in the .out file, not automatically merged over cycles


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Subject: RE: [fluka-discuss]: Energy deposited: AUXSCORE vs SCORE

Dear Roberto,

Thank you so much for your reply.

1-I checked my geometry title card and see that the OVOPT is 0, no volume is set before the GEOEND card, and the output from the SCORE option shows that all the volumes in each region are 1, so I think this is not the cause.

2-I cannot find slide 23 of the course you are pointing me to. All I found is
which has only 12 slides. I ran a few cycles and averaged the outputs from both SCORE and USRBIN, so I somewhat "merged" them at the end.

Any other thoughts? Thanks again for your kind help.


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Subject: Re: [fluka-discuss]: Energy deposited: AUXSCORE vs SCORE

Dear Warit,

I could suggest you a couple of possible explanations for the difference.

1-By any chance, did you define the region volume as said in manual at
"2.2.6 The Geometry", paragraph 4?
In this case the result of the SCORE card would be normalized.
I believe this volume definition is not used very often.

2-The output of SCORE is not automatically merged over different cycles
(see the Scoring lecture of the Vancouver advanced course, slide 23).
To me, this is more likely to be a reason for your problem than the
previous one.

Hope it helps,

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