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Dear Ho-seung Song,

The number of primary in START represents the number of your samples or in other words the number of primary histories.

Please have a look of this useful presentation of the last basic course:


As pointed out in slide 11, the precision of a MC estimator depends on the number of samples.


If you are interested in simulating an irradiation profile you can use the card IRRPROFI (see the FLUKA manuals and the related presentation of the course for the details) in which you can set the beam intensity (in particles/s) and the irradiation time (s).







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Dear Fluka users,



Hello. I have a question regarding a primary number in START card.


Can you tell me the meaning of the Number of primary? Does this information is just a statistical event or include beam current information?


For an example, I want to simulate 10 MeV, (0.1 mA and 1 mA) of beam current. If I want to increase a beam current, do I have to increase a number of primary event?


If not, what card include beam current information?


Sorry for a stupid question, but I want to know this clearly.


Thank you.



Best regards,

Ho-seung Song







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