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From: Joachim Vollaire <joachim.vollaire_at_cern.ch>
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2015 11:23:25 +0000


- For your USRBIN card called “Netro”, you are scoring prompt dose rate (you are not associating a cooling time). In that case the results will be pSv/primary particle.
To obtain Sv/h you need to normalize the results to your beam intensity in protons per second for example (seems to be 1.08e06 protons / sec from your irradiation profile definition, which seems quite low ?) and then multiply by 3600 (sec -> hour) and divide by 1e12 (pSv -> Sv).

- For the USRBINs Netro4/5/7/8 the results are pSv/s for the dose rate at the specified cooling time (you are using DCYSCORE). To have Sv/h multiply by 3600 and divide by 1e12.

Best of luck with your study

From: NKANYISO ROBERT Mantengu [mailto:3477531_at_myuwc.ac.za]
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Subject: Dose-rate

Dear FLUKA users I am lost on how to normalize the results of DOSE-EQ obtained from USRBIN card with AUXSCORE card that convert DOSE-EQ to ambient dose equivalent. As far as I'm concern the results are in Sv but i need them in Sv/hour.
Here I have attached my input file.

Any comment will be appreciated.
N.R Mantengu.

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