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Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2015 13:01:06 +0000

Dear Zhefu Lee,

you are indeed very confused.

If, as you correctly say, a "star" is any high energy INELASTIC hadron interaction,

a"star" has nothing to do with ELASTIC scattering. Therefore there is nothing you

can calculate.

Star density is a quantity completely different from absorbed dose. However,

since in a first crude approximation (hadron energy > 50 MeV, constant inelastic

cross sections, photon and electron spectra negligible etc.) both quantities are

nearly proportional to hadron fluence, in a distant past there have been attempts

to estimate prompt Dose Equivalent (not Absorbed Dose!) from Star Density. See:

On the other hand, also in a distant past, another crude approximation, applicable

only to a few materials, established a proportionality between Star Density and

gamma dose rate from materials irradiated by high energy hadrons. See the FLUKA

Manual (command THRESHOLd, Note 2 and References reported there [Ran70b,

Hof75a,Hof75b], and command SCORE, Note 3 and the Reference reported there [Tho88]).

Both such approximations are largely outdated now, since modern FLUKA

can calculate prompt Dose Equivalent and residual gamma dose rate directly and

in a much more accurate way.


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Subject: [fluka-discuss]: Question about star density

Dear all,
      As is said in the manual, a "star" is any high energy inelastic hadron interaction.
now I have two questions to consult you :
1) how to calculate the star density including elastic scattering;
2) how to caluclate the star dansity of elastic scattering;
3) what is the difference between star density and absorbed dose;

I am confused about the questions, thanks in advance.

Zhefu Lee.

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