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1) You can get the spectrum of Ar ions traversing from the stainless steel region to the neighbouring region by using a USRBDX scoring in conjunction with the AUXSCORE card to filter for the Ar ions (see manual for details). From the obtained histogram you could then calculate the mean energy. Another way to get the numerically exact value of the average energy (i.e. not from a histogram) would be to use the MGDRAW routine (you can intercept each ion crossing from one to the other region in the BXDRAW entry of the routine and then calculate the average).

2) You can use USRYIELD to get the LET distribution on a boundary. I would advise you to look at the course excercise #12 on heavy ions (see There were also some useful discussions previously on the list:
Last but not least, the manual will give you more information about USRYIELD.

Cheers, Anton

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Hello everybody!
I would like to say thank you for your sincere help to us, to beginners!
I really need your help again!
I am interested in the following:
1)There argon beam with energy 34 MeV / u, it hits the layer of
stainless steel. How to calculate the average energy of the ion after
passing through the stainless steel ? What command?
2) How to calculate (or what command) LET - Linear energy transfer of
argon beam with energy 34 MeV / u in silicon (Si)?

Thank you very much!!!

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