[fluka-discuss]: Photon and Electron pulse-height tallies (FLUKA's DETECT vs. MCNPX's F8)

From: Nima Ghal-Eh <Nima.Ghal-Eh_at_fuw.edu.pl>
Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2016 22:57:05 +0330

Dear FLUKA experts,

I have a question regarding the comparison between pulse-height tallies
of FLUKA and MCNPX codes.

I have considered a beam of 1MeV photons incident on a plastic
scintillator and then I replaced the photons with electrons of same
energy. Using both FLUKA and MCNPX, I obtained the pulse-height tallies,
i.e., DETECT card and MCNPX' F8 tally.

In case of photon beam, as seen in Page 1 of attached file, when FLUKA's
so-called dN/dE values are multiplied by 20, the two distributions
become comparable, however some dependencies exist in low-energy region
(the energy binning in MCNPX input has been set as the one in FLUKA's
DETECT card to avoid any difference associated with energy binning: this
is why the attached file has too many pages!).

The difference between FLUKA's DETECT and MCNPX' F8 tally is
considerably large in case of electron beam as seen in Page 24 of
attached file. All FLUKA's dN/dE values have been multiplied by 10 to
set two distributions equal at 1.0MeV.

My questions are in following:

(1) Why do these two codes exhibit large differences in electron
pulse-height tallies?
(2) What are the precise conversion factors between the pulse-height
distributions generated with FLUKA and MCNPX codes.

Thank you very much in advance and looking forward to hearing from you

Best regards,
Nima Ghal-Eh.

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