[fluka-discuss]: mgdraw user routine, entry ENDRAW, ICODE 22, RULL issue

From: Andrea Celentano <andrea.celentano_at_ge.infn.it>
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2017 16:33:24 +0100

Dear FLUKA users,
I am experiencing the following issue when using the MGDRAW user
routine, in particular the entry ENDRAW, that I want to use to score
local energy deposition.
In my code, I simply dump to a file the data from the ENDRAW call, each
time the region name is equal to those of my interest:


       if ((REGNAME.eq.'CRS1').OR.(REGNAME.eq.'CRS2').
      & or.(REGNAME.eq.'CRS3')) then
          write (IODRAW,*) NCASE,REGNAME,
      & ETRACK,ICODE,'1',
      & RULL

After the simulation, If I open the file, I see lines as the one that

  65 CRS1 7 1.3337934658997385E-005
1.3337934658997385E-005 2.3205639141605591E-004 22 1

Event n. 65, region is CRS1, RULL (local energy deposition) is
3.09515E-9 GeV, ICODE is 22, i.e. below threshold, iarg=2 (what is
iarg, btw?).

However, I do not understand why this RULL value:

* If I can use JTRACK,WTRACK,ETRACK from (TRACK), then the energy of
this photon is 2.32E-004 MeV: why isn't RULL equal to this value? I
expect that, if the particle is killed being below threshold, all the
kinetic energy is deposited locally.

* If, instead, I can't use JTRACK,WTRACK,ETRACK from (TRACK), how can I
access to the information of the particle that is depositing energy?

Actually, all the lines where ICODE==22 have this issue.

Thanks in advance

Andrea Celentano

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