Last version:
FLUKA 2021.2.9, January 13th 2023
(last respin 2021.2.9)
flair-2.3-0c 24-Mar-2023


-- Fluka Release
( 13.01.2023 )

FLUKA 2021.2.9 has been released.

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To be available to download the source of FLUKA firstly fill & send the request form:

Download Source - fill request form

If you fulfill all requirements and the FLUKA Team has granted you appropriate access
you can continue by downloading source of FLUKA:

Download Source Notes
  • You have to download the binary FLUKA tar file and install your $FLUPRO release first
  • The files from the source tar file allow to recompile locally the FLUKA library (libflukahp.a) issuing the command make in the source directory
  • Be careful: giving the make clean command all lib*.a in $FLUPRO are erased. Among them there is the libdpmmvax.a for instance. This library (and other libraries like those in the directory interface or latestRQMD for which we are not authorized to distribute the source code) can be always recovered from the binary tar file. Alternatively, you can save them in another directory.

Sorry. Currently there are no files available for download.

Last updated: 8th of December, 2008

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