Last version:
FLUKA 2024.1.0, April 30th 2024
(last respin 2024.1.0)
flair-2.3-0e 06-May-2024


-- New Fluka Major Release
( 06.05.2024 )

FLUKA 2024.1.0 is available.
Flair-2.3-0epy3 adapted

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Important Note:

In order to be able to download software from the FLUKA website it is mandatory to be registered as FLUKA user. Follow the registration process or proceed to the download area if you already are a registered FLUKA user.

Until you register you will have access to certain places on the website.

FLUKA user registration:

If you don't have your FUID (i.e. fuid-XXXX) assigned:

Educational/research users:

Commercial users:

FLUKA Downloads:

Download FLUKA binary packages:
(only for registered users)

Download FLUKA trial version:
(only for registered and approved commercial users)

If you wish to get information concerning your account and/or manage details/password etc. use Account Info functions:

In general, FLUKA is available in form of a pre-compiled object library for the x86 and x86_64 Linux systems. The library is distributed as compressed tar-file which contains additional files required to actually run the program. Heavy-Ion interactions are realized through 2 interfaced, external simulation packages (DPMJET and RQMD-2.4) which are also provided in form of pre-compiled object libraries.

The Linux x86 version must be compiled at 32 bits with g77 but can run on both 32 and 64 bit machines while the Linux x86_64 version must be compiled with gfortran and works only on 64 bits machine. The MAC/OS x86_64 version must be compiled with gfortran and works only on 64 bits machine. The latter is still tentative, we cannot exclude some issues with that version. The code has been checked and validated for these platforms/compilers only for the time being.

FLUKA is distributed in binary form, with the addition of the source code of user routines. The complete FLUKA source code is available on request, after an additional registration procedure.

This version of the code should be run on the platforms for which it has been released, which are:

GNU/Linux (i686 and x86_64) requires gcc/g77 (version >= 3.4)
GNU/Linux (x86_64) requires gcc/gfortran (version >= 7.3)
MAC/OS (x86_64) requires gcc/gfortran (version >= 7.3)
Virtual machine in Dockers

Please contact the FLUKA team for information if the platform and/or configuration you are interested in are not listed above.

The 2011.2 release of the FLUKA package major step in the FLUKA development cycle with respect to Fluka2008.3(b/c/d): it adds a few new features and there are a few major physics improvements. A detailed description of the changes and new features can be found in the Release Notes. Some of the new feature are still felt experimental but are expected to mature rather quickly.

At this point in time, all FLUKA version older or equal to 2011.2c are no more available to the users and are considered obsolete.


Please note also that early versions of the FLUKA hadronic event generator as implemented in other codes (in particular GEANT) should be referenced as such (e.g. GEANT-FLUKA) and not as FLUKA. They have little in common with the present version and should be considered virtually obsolete. The proper reference to GEANT-FLUKA is:

        A. Fasso`, A. Ferrari, J. Ranft, P.R. Sala
        FLUKA: present status and future developments
        Proc. IV Int. Conf. on Calorimetry in High Energy Physics,
        La Biodola (Italy) 21-26 September 1993, Ed. A. Menzione and
        A. Scribano, World Scientific, p. 493-502

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