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From: Francesco Cerutti (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2007 - 11:37:53 CEST

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    Dear Sunil,

    > While I get the expected result on my laptop( with Fedora core 6) , I
    > get a cumulative yield of 0.7on my desktop (running FC2).

    in fact you get 0.07, even worse.

    Quoting Ercan:

    > i heard that different platform could be result in pretty little
    > diffences in the simulations since the floating number handlers. that
    > could be the reason?

    No, 0.07 and 1 for the cumulative fluence show a HUGE difference. Note
    that the two attached output files are perfectly identical (including
    the final energy balance) apart from the execution times.

    > Can someone please tell what is happening?

    What happened is that, in order to process the USRBDX unformatted output
    file, once you used the rdbdx code and the other time the rdtrk code (?),
    as you can realize just looking at the headlines of the two obtained txt

    By the way my suggestion (not mandatory) is to use USXSUW (and similar
    tools for scoring cards different from USRBDX, all available with the
    normal FLUKA code distribution in directory $FLUPRO/flutil), which allows
    to compute also standard deviations over several runs.



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