Optical Photon Production by Scintillator Material, need help

From: Vahan Petrosyan <vpetrosyan_at_asls.candle.am>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 14:11:36 +0100

I want to get optical photons distribution (angular, energy) that
irradiated by Yag screen ( scintillator material Yag(Ce) yttrium
aluminum garnet ) via USRBDX card when electron beam with 5Mev energy
hits it.

I want to define scintillator material properties with fluka using
OPT-PROD card with SCINT-WV option but fluka gives an error.
I have never done such kind of simulation and need experts help in order
to do it correctly. I am attached my input file and ask you to look and
say what I did wrong.

btw. I played with parameters of my input file a little and switched on
Cerenkov and Transition(TR-Radia) radiation and disable OPT-PROD card
with SCINT-WV in order to get some results but USRBDX plot with option
OPTIPHOT gives me an empty data range.

can someone help me to define correct parameters for scintillator
material Yag(Ce) and get correct distribution (angular, energy) of
optical photons via USRBDX card?


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