Re: Optical Photon Production by Scintillator Material, need help

From: Nicholas Bolibruch <>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 11:44:58 -0600

Hi Vahan,

Here are the issues with your input:

1) your source is at 20 MeV, and is isotropic. If you test it with a beam,
make sure its in the positive direction, and set the primaries lower as the
processing time is ~2 hrs on an i7 if it's made directional with your
current settings. Using the SENSITIV sdum on OPT-PROP you can probably
lower the OPT-PHOT production (and reduce CPU load) if you are trying to
make other measurements at the same time in your simulation.

2) when entering in the wavelengths for the OPT-PROP (sdum WV-LIMITS) cards
you want them in cm, they were all entered in as meters, you technically
don't need them to run the simulation

3) same issue with OPT-PROD (sdum SCINT-WV), it was also in meters. This
card is very much needed.

4) you explained you want an electron beam. But you have the source card
set to isotropic at 20 MeV. :-)

5) You need to set an appropriate upper and lower energy in the USRBDX card
for binning the optical wavelengths. I usually use 1E-9 to 1E-8 initially.

6) You may want to set an OPT-PROP (sdum blank) card to set an index of
refraction, absorption and diffusion coefficients. This will increase the
processing time per particle however.

Hope this helps.


On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 7:11 AM, Vahan Petrosyan

> I want to get optical photons distribution (angular, energy) that
> irradiated by Yag screen ( scintillator material Yag(Ce) yttrium
> aluminum garnet ) via USRBDX card when electron beam with 5Mev energy
> hits it.
> http://www.detectors.saint-****
> SGdetectors/Documents/Product_**Data_Sheets/YAG-Data-Sheet.pdf<>
> I want to define scintillator material properties with fluka using
> OPT-PROD card with SCINT-WV option but fluka gives an error.
> I have never done such kind of simulation and need experts help in order
> to do it correctly. I am attached my input file and ask you to look and
> say what I did wrong.
> btw. I played with parameters of my input file a little and switched on
> Cerenkov and Transition(TR-Radia) radiation and disable OPT-PROD card
> with SCINT-WV in order to get some results but USRBDX plot with option
> OPTIPHOT gives me an empty data range.
> can someone help me to define correct parameters for scintillator
> material Yag(Ce) and get correct distribution (angular, energy) of
> optical photons via USRBDX card?
> Thanks!
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