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2.5.2} Track length estimator


 The program to analyse USRTRACK binary output is called ustsuw.f and can also
 be found in $FLUPRO/flutil. Its use is very similar to that of usxsuw.f
 described above. Applying it to the example00*_fort.48 files (output of the
 first USRTRACK detector in our example), we obtain for the average fluence of
 charged pions in the upstream half of the beryllium target:

     Tot. response (p/cmq/pr)  5.4765277E-04  +/-  0.6965669     %

 and from the example00*_fort.49 files (pion fluence in the downstream half):

     Tot. response (p/cmq/pr)  1.3474772E-03  +/-  0.5352812     %

 As it was to be expected, the average fluence obtained above by the boundary
 crossing estimator on the middle surface (8.69E-04 cm-2) has a value which is
 intermediate between these two.

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