Last version:
FLUKA 2024.1.0, April 30th 2024
(last respin 2024.1.0)
flair-2.3-0e 06-May-2024


-- New Fluka Major Release
( 06.05.2024 )

FLUKA 2024.1.0 is available.
Flair-2.3-0epy3 adapted

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Here is a collection of tools in context of FLUKA input and output. This space is open for similar software tools - please feel free to contact the FLUKA team to suggest and/or participate in additional projects to develop tools. User input/feedback is very much encouraged.


flair: /fleɘe(r)/ - natural or instinctive ability to do something well,
to select or recognize what is best, more useful, etc.

FLAIR page


An advanced user interface for FLUKA to facilitate the editing of input files, building the executable, execution of the code, visualization of the output files, merging of the data files and generation of high quality graphs using gnuplot as well as photorealistic 3D plots of the geometry with data superimposed with PovRay. A cross platform application based entirely on python and Tkinter.

FLUKA for Docker

The installation instructions for FLUKA in a Docker container in Mac and Windows 10 can be found here.

FLUKA in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

The installation instructions for FLUKA in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) here. This is an experimental new way for running FLUKA in Windows 10.


Fluka Geant4 Geometry interface

FluGG website

Development of a FLUKA interface to the GEANT4 geometry format. A subset of GEANT4 volume definitions has been implemented. In this mode, FLUKA utilizes the GEANT4 geometry package internally in order to determine where a particle is in space, ie. in which volume.

Editor Syntax Highlight

Emacs   Gvim

Syntax highlighting scripts for the editors: Emacs and Gvim.

Obsolete software. No longer supported.


flukatools (tared, gzipped)

A collection of BRexx scripts to facilitate editing of fluka input files as plotting the geometry and USRBIN results. The scripts are able to convert the fluka files to various formats like: MCNP(X), Povray, DXF, and between all possible formats that fluka acceptsfixed, double precision, free format, with names or numbers.
Note: These utilities are substituted by the Flair project.

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