RE: [fluka-discuss]: How to score energy depisition in an irregular body?

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Dear Shy Shi,

You have to consider the fundamental difference between energy deposited in a material and particle fluence (there is also a distinct difference in units (volume vs area)):

* USTRACK gives you the differential particle fluence inside a region (calculated as track-length fluence, i.e. the length of particle tracks divided by the region volume if the volume has been specified on WHAT(5)). This is however NOT the energy deposition in the region (neither can it be converted to energy deposition).

* USRBIN can be used to calculate many different quantities, including energy deposition (WHAT(2)=ENERGY), dose (WHAT(2)=DOSE) or fluence (WHAT(2)=e.g. a particle name to score fluence for this particle). Note that the latter is not differential in energy like for USRTRACK. USRBIN allows you to adopt a specific spatial mesh, but also to score per region.

In your case, if you are interested in energy deposition, you have to use USRBIN. If it is sufficient for you to calculate the total energy deposition in the regions (of arbitrary shape), then you can use following scoring. It calculates the energy deposition per region per lattice. Note that, contrary to USRBIN scorings with a regular spatial mesh, the results will simply be GeV per region (not weighted with volumes):

USRBIN 8.0 ENERGY -21.0 _at_LASTREG 400.0 10000.0EnDep
USRBIN 1.0 0.0 -10000.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 &

Finally, the difference between energy deposition (ENERGY) and dose scoring (DOSE) is simply that in the latter case the energy deposition in a volume has been divided by the mass of the material in that volume. Hence also the different units GeV/cm3 and GeV/g.

Cheers, Anton

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Dear ShyShi,
For irregular body you can use region based scoring as available with FLUKA. In case of energy deposition the unit is GeV. For dose, it is normalized per unit mass of the region and the unit is GeV/g.

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Subject: [fluka-discuss]: How to score energy depisition in an irregular body?

Dear Experts,

I need to scoring the energy deposition and doseeq in an irregular body. It was difficult to use USRBIN card to do this. I tried to use USRTRACK card to score "ENERGY", but it gave a number in the unit of "GeV/cm2", how to transfer it to the unit "GeV/g"? Or is there a better way to do this?

BTW, what's the difference between "ENERGY" and "DOSE" in scoring?

Thanks a lot.

Shy Shi

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