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From: Antonello Carloni <>
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2011 12:34:59 +0100 (CET)

> Dear Antonello
> In your USRBIN detector the upper limit of the z range is smaller than the
> lower limit. In such a case FLUKA swaps the limits and prints a warning in
> the output
> Usr/eventbin n. 1 has max 50.00 smaller than min 70.00
> for axis: Z -> max and min swapped
> Does this answer your question? If not please post some details on your
> geometry (e.g. a plot). Its difficult zu address such questions w/o any
> knowledge of the problem.
> Cheers
> Stefan

Dear Stephan,
thank you so much for your kind reply.
yes, i know about the problem of the swap and I already fixed it.
My question is the following one.
I have a geometry which is made of severale parts(two layers, two bolts
inserted in between and patches of copper on the outer surfaces of those
I have replicated this simple geometry, which is included in one rpp in
several replicas.
The beam, in my simulation, is aligned with the center of the geometry of
the basic region and is let's say, 1mm long as transevrsal length of the
When I enlarge the beam as to target even the replicas,by enlarging the
beam up to 5mm, will Fluka take into account that!?
I.e. will the beam interact with the replicas or not!?
I am not quite sure about that.
I do not want scorings, i just want to make sure that the beam interacts
when widened.
Thank you in advance,

> On Thu, 23 Dec 2010, Antonello Carloni wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> apart from wishing you a merry christmas, I have got a simple question.
>> When running my fluka file, which contains a detector made of several
>> replicas, in the .out file I see no energy deposition of the proton
>> beam
>> that I am using in those replicas, but only in the basic detector areas.
>> Considering that my usrbin card is a region of water placed after the
>> detector, i would like to know if this is only a matter of design of the
>> .out file or shall I made corrections to the .inp file so as to make it
>> interact with the replicas!?
>> Attached herewith you'll find my .inp file plus the . out file.
>> Thank you in advance,
>> Antonello Carloni
>> Dipartimento Tecnologie Nucleari Per la Salute
>> Infn-ISS
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