RE: [fluka-discuss]: increase MXXRGN parameter

From: Anton Lechner <>
Date: Fri, 8 May 2015 09:06:57 +0000

Dear Belgin,

Unfortunately, it is not possible for users to increase the MXXRGN value by themselves since this value is used in the precompiled libflukahp.a library. Isn't there any way to reduce the number or regions in your geometry, for example by using lattices to avoid region duplication for repeated structures? Maybe you could also merge regions if they have the same material assigned (i.e. you could create a region with more zones).

Cheers, Anton

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Subject: [fluka-discuss]: increase MXXRGN parameter

Hello everybody,

I have a geometry file which consists of a lot of regions (~30k).

I doubled the MXXRGN parameter to 40000 in the include file DIMPAR, since GLOBAL card allows us maximum 10k regions, as explained in the manual.* And I recompiled FLUKA by typing "make clean; make". But this did not change number of maximum regions. It still gives the same error as in the attached log file.

What should I do to overcome this issue?

Best regards,

*The "hard" limit of 10000 regions represents the maximum that can be obtained without recompiling the program. It can be overridden, but only by increasing the value of variable MXXRGN in the INCLUDE file DIMPAR and recompiling the whole code. In this case, however, it is likely that the size of variable NBLNMX in INCLUDE file BLNKCM will have to be increased too.

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