[fluka-discuss]: Photon attenuation curve in Pb

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Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 23:28:23 +0800 (GMT+08:00)

Dear Colleagues,

  Recently I used fluka to calulate the attnuation curve of bremsstrahlung in Pb ,which is produced by energetic electron hitting high-Z target. What I am suprised is the same curves obtained for electon energy of 6MeV and 15MeVeven the trend of photon attenuation for electron energy of 6MeV is slower than that for electron energy of 40MeV . I refer to IAEA188 and find the same results as attached. I think for high enegry electorn there are more high energy photon and the compton minimum can be regard as the attenuation factor, therefore i can't explain the results i obtained. If anyone can comment on it, thanks in advance.


Bo Yang

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